Our school is fully fledged with multi-talented students from class I to class X, where we cleave them into Primary, Higher Primary and High School. Every teacher in our school gets into the class with the thought, “The Future of the world is in my classroom Today.” Our teachers cultivate an academic environment in their classroom by setting high but not impossible expectations for their students. Teachers in all grade levels and in every subject draw inspiration from students, innate curiosity and find joy in collective inquiry and discovery. This help our students to develop their knowledge, tools and skills they need to truly let their lives speak. Our Primary Section (class I to IV) begins with the basis of all good teaching i.e understanding their pupils and their learning needs. This helps to develop good relationship between students and teacher. In this section most of the classes are activity oriented, which helps the kid to improve social skills. Activities which are conducted in this section, boost the child to participate and helps every student to get the opportunity to learn beyond studies. Students are introduced to a wide range of activities that give them better strength while letting them choose what they wish to learn and what they enjoy. Higher Primary classes (class V-VII) begin with the activities like quiz, group work, conversations which help the kids to try new things, learning through both success and challenge. At this level students begin to take more responsibility for their learning and the teacher assumes the role of a facilitator. We recognize the fact that the Higher primary school years are a time for experimenting with multiple approaches to learning and teaching. We impart learning through class room instruction, audio-visual aids, hands-on activities, field trips and excursions, physical education and performing and visual arts. Students have ample opportunities to explore, fine-tune and exhibit their talents. We acknowledge that all subject areas are connected and therefore, we lay special emphasis on integration across subjects to make learning more meaningful and relevant. High School classes(class VIII-X) are focused on teaching the students not only through progressive and global mind-set but also by maintaining Indian ethics. Here students are trained with various indoor and outdoor activities such as sports, dance, music, yoga etc. Smart classes and well equipped science labs are used for effective teaching. Students have ample opportunities to engage in sports and extracurricular activities. Teachers do challenging and vital work for the upliftment of a child which results in giving top most ranks and rewards. We have syllabus prescribed by Karnataka State board for English Medium school. As prescribed by the Government we assess students with CCE system. We assess the child by assigning different tools based on reasoning and understanding. Languages are assessed through LSRW skills that allow an individual to comprehend and produce spoken language for proper and effective interpersonal communication. We have four Formative Assessments and two Summative Assessments for classes I to VIII and it is followed by semester system. Class IX students are assessed with Four FA’s , Midterm and Final Exam. Class X students will be writing board exam conducted by the state government. Criteria for Admissions:
  • Admission enquiry/ Registration
  • School visit and interaction with the Principal
  • Entrance Exam
  • Personal Counselling